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Recent research has suggested that Alzheimer’s disease is potentially contagious. In other words, it can be transmitted from person to person outside of genetics. It’s got plenty of people worrying, but rest assured this has been blown completely out of proportion.

Looking after someone who has dementia is in no way going to put you at risk of catching the disease. Not from touching them, not from feeding them, not from helping them take medication. Nothing.

It’s a strange subject really because many of the ‘facts’ regarding dementia are actually being proven false. People feel extra helpless (and with good reason) at the notion of their mind succumbing to this terrible disease, maybe even more so than cancer or heart disease, believing that it is entirely age-related. It is waiting for them, just like death.

Well, in South Korea there are dementia sufferers in their twenties and thirties. It is not necessarily an old person’s disease.

But the bottom line is: you can’t die of dementia and it is not strictly linked to being old. What’s more, it can’t be passed from person to person by physical contact, and there’s no solid proof yet that people injected with extracts of certain human tissue have actually contracted the disease either.

The subjects who appear to have developed some level of the disease, after having been injected by growth hormones, prior to the 1980s, may have been genetically at risk anyway. This procedure of injecting growth hormones was also made redundant over twenty years ago.

So please don’t panic too much!



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