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Designed for research, synthacaine is a chemical containing Inositol, methiopropamine, 2AI and lidocaine. Two of its ingredients, confetamines and domethocaine, make it a highly addictive product. Confetamines are known as an appetite suppressant while domethocaine is a stimulant and anesthetic.

Synthacaine is available in rock and powder form with many countries having it available only for research purposes, as it was designed. However, there are online stores offering the chemical for purchase. The product can be shipped to individuals in some countries, depending on the laws.

What does it do?

Those who use synthacaine refer to it as the closest legal alternative to cocaine. Because of that, it is advertised as being for in vitro research only with a dosage of 100mg said to be effective enough to gather data for research studies.

Synthacaine is a variant of domethocaine and contains methiopropamine, making it cause sudden episodes of euphoria. The user can experience several other similar episodes as well, causing uncontrollable actions.

How is it obtained?

Synthacaine can be purchased online from many locations, predominantly in the United Kingdom. Many of the sellers and distributors emphasize that synthacaine is to be used for research only and not human consumption. However, synthacaine is often referred to as a legal high.

People, including those convicted on drug charges, have been known to use synthacaine because it does not show up in drug urinalysis testing. Because of the drug test results, many people use the chemical because they can experience a high and still be able to pass a drug test.

Is it dangerous?

Because of its ingredients, synthacaine is known to be a highly addictive substance. The result is that people who want to experiment or try the drug to see if it causes a high can quickly and easily become addicted to the chemical.

While most distributors do not release the exact formulations, they do advertise it as for experimental use only and not for human consumption as they want to avoid any liability issues that could result from the purchase, addiction or even death from what is called a “legal high”.


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